It is hard to imagine a modern home without a TV. And nobody can say how to survive without music. Because of this every person buys TV, kinds of music technique for better sound and clear image. The progress is always in move so that TVs became very flat and super-contemporary in design. At present TV and TV stand are valid items of interior. It is often happens a person while acquiring a TV and TV stand completely change the design of the room. TV stands changed! Today it is not a clothes press upon which a TV stands. Modern TV stand is to be relevant to various technique requirements.  Today we have very extant range of assortment of TV stands. Entering a world web you are offered a thousands variants of TV stands. If your room is designed in minimalistic style you can choose open TV stand which is from several glass shelves. The frame can be made from aluminum. What is the main advantage of such kind of TV stands? The advantage is in appropriate price. If you are a conservative person and you’d like only classic in interior then you should make a choice upon closed TV stand from wood which is finished by natural veneer. You can hide from your guests ultra-modern componentries and enjoy beautiful classic music. It makes no difference which TV stand you will acquire it certainly will add a piece of comfort to your living area which you need after hard work day.