Perfect ways to enrich your knowlidge about contemporary design decisions is to become presented with an interesting story about famous designer of contemporary interior – George Nelson. George Nelson is an American designer who was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1908. He was doing his learning at Harvard University. He found for himself a taste for design after a tour around Europe. He is well-known for two of his designs: the coconut chair and the ball or atom clock. George Nelson believed that modern designers should focus their designs on making the world better since nature was already perfect; man only ruined it when he made things that did not follow the rules of nature. Because of his view on designs, he came up with new ways to improve the solutions that were needed to make every day life easier. George Nelson was one of the founders of American Modernism, along with Charles and Ray Eames. What is the most amazing for his skills is the invention of extraordinary lightings in shapes! The George Nelson Ball Bubble pendant light is a classic! The Nelson Bubble lamp series were designed by George Nelson in 1947. These popular modern pendant lights continue to be very desirable thanks to their attractive styling and timeless curves. The Nelson Bubble lamps are the most iconic lamps in the history of modern design. The George Nelson Bubble lamps illuminate the room with a soft diffused light which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Stardust carries the entire line of George Nelson Bubble lamps. The George Nelson Bubble lamps feature airy and lighthearted characteristics. They are ideal for almost any interior! Their fascinating and at the same time simple shapes please our eye with sturdy, light-weight steel and a special woven white polymer plastic. The gadgets from George Nelson are devoted to be soft and light in appearance.