How much time counts the modern style of furniture? Do you know? If not, we are to discover some facts about this. Well, actually the modernity of furniture came after World War II between the 1940’s and 1950’s. It did so because the tastes and outlooks of many Americans had changed greatly. Also the possession of more discretionary dollars to spend had let consumers to shift their positive interests to more modern style. Any generation before that time had not such opportunity. A number of modern style trends emerged in those years, and many of those trends are seeing resurgence in the 21st century. All had begun from matching sets which had roared into popularity at that time. He sets were designed with a modern sleek look and upholstered with brighter materials like blonde woods. The pieces were very streamlined and without ornate decorations. A traditional set included two twin beds, one or two night tables, and a matching dresser with or without a mirror. That was the top of that time fashion and every new couple tried to furnish the bedroom in such a style.

Space age furniture

As the age of space exploration had come a new trend in modern style furniture had come. Molded plastics and other synthetics were made into one-piece designs that were often white. Colorful floor cushions, pillows, and chair pads were used to increase comfort and allow families to personalize their modern furniture while still staying true to the innovative shapes and styles.

Outdoor furniture

After World War II more people could realize the American dream and have their own home with a backyard. The style of outdoor furniture required to manufacture it from metal and aluminium. Since the beginning of the great opportunities era the demand not only for yard tables and chairs was created but also for bird feeders, planters, statues and other yard decorations.

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