Continuing our previous discussion about the history of plasma TV, it is interesting to talk about the technology of its working! It is very important to know about everything which surrounds us in our home! Sitting in comfortable chair or sofa in front of a TV which is in modern TV stand probably you often ask yourself about the technology of producing this amazing device – plasma TV! It is really interesting! For example, I always think about the future of TV furniture or entertainment centers if contemporary plasma TVs were not created, what might be then? That is why today we’ll discuss the way by which plasma screens operate! What special features make them work? Eventually having found the answers to these fundamental questions we’ll decide whether it is worth to acquire plasma TVs and furniture for them. So let us start!

According to basis of video-signal information high-power bundle of electrons light thousands of little dots named pixels. There are only three colors of pixels – red, green and dark blue in majority of systems. These colors evenly allocated with respect to the whole screen. Due to mixing of these colors in different proportions our TVs can reconstruct the whole color gamma. The image on plasma panel is created by the fluorescence of tiny color light bulbs.  Each pixel is made up of three fluorescent lamps – red, green and dark blue. Due to different brightness of these lamps plasma panels like CRT TVs can reproduce the whole color gamma. The central and main element of fluorescent lamps is plasma – gas of free ions (charged atoms) and electrons (minus charged particles). In ordinary terms this gas comprises non-charged particles – atoms with equal quantity of protons and electrons. Total charge of atoms is equal to zero as a result of minus charged particles neutralize plus charged protons. If you add to the gas bulk of free electrons while skipping through it electric charge the situation will rapidly change. Free electrons collide with atoms releasing valent electrons. When loosing electron atom becomes plus charged and finally it becomes an ion. When electrical stream is passing through plasma minus charged particles are attracted by plus charged elements of plasma and vice-versa.  Particles always come into collision with each other. These collisions stimulate atoms in plasma and they emit photons.

Thus the whole process of plasma functioning is observed. So from the abovementioned information we can conclude that the way the TV plasma is working is very simple based on reciprocal action of atomic particles but at the same time it is very subtle balance. While choosing plasma TV you are to remember that high-technological product needs to be carefully treated. Taking this fact into consideration choose only solid durable TV stand for your TV.