Today we have so great opportunities to entertain ourselves without leaving our room!  The consumer has a high demand for 3D in his own home. The public’s demand has been answered by the market in the form of a great supply.  To feel the real action and tension of your favourite game you can acquire only very comfortable boom chair and good TV screen placed directly on multifunctional TV stand or TV armoire. But of course this is not simple to choose out of wide range of different TV stands and boom chairs the one you really like and the one which will suit you best. In this case you will have to do your best at acquisitions because in other case you’ll not enjoy gaming. Let’s talk about 3D gaming and definite causes which can influence on process of gaming! The first factor which can improve your feelings from gaming is the rightly chosen boom chair! You need the one which will please your eye and body, especially when it comes to talk about such games as football, baseball, basketball and many other popular games. You know there is a great set of different boom chairs according to designs, materials, brands and logos which cover the surface. You can choose the one which is with logo of your favourite team. Yes, the supply is really great! This boom chair is also very necessary thing when playing video games. Another important factor for enjoying a game is a TV with 3D options support. Some of the newer models that are now coming out, have 3D features. Of course, you’ll still have to wear the 3D glasses if you want to experience three dimensions. Games have been 3D for a long time already. The one downside of 3D games is that they appear on a 2D monitor screen. But, we hope that, one day, there will be a 3D gaming glasses that projects the images straight to your retina. This would truly put a person right inside of all the virtual action. Game world immersion will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. Until the humankind invents such a powerful technology we have to wait and think about probable variants of 3D game future. As we know recently NVidia has released a 3D gaming kit. There is glasses which feature active shutter options. This means that the glasses will alternatingly shut quickly, so that only one eye can see at a time. From such technology a 3D effect would arise in case if a video game is to display images for the left and right eye alternatingly. But disadvantage of such technology is following: your graphics card must compute twice as many images. This leads to choppy frame rates. And also a 3D monitor is required for this. Much money will be needed to 3D gaming process but as the time passes the progress also rises that means that in recent future we will enjoy 3D gaming with new decisions.