We are – human creatures very dependent on modern comfort and contemporary furniture functions. We can not imagine our home without all conveniences and there is evidence for that! The argument for the abovementioned is the discussion of home theatre seating. Here we will try to analyze the reason of human dependence on it and its influence on our perception. In other articles we will discover many other important facts about home theatre seating. Home theater seating can easily transform your home room into cinema hall! The audio and video created by them equals those found in costly cinemas. Of course all these conveniences can be achieved only in case you have designed your room into comfortable entertainment place with specially designed home theater seating arrangements. Put the finishing touches to your home theater room with home theater seating. Home theatres create gorgeous space for television entertaining while sitting in a room with a cup of hot coffee or soft drinks. While making an interior of your room you should take care of home theater space, including screen size, color scheme and seating. Theatre seating should be chosen according to the number of seats you want, individual taste and budget.


When planning a home theatre there are three main types of seating available you should be aware of: conventional seating, movie theatre seating and home theatre seating. Now we’ll take closer look at each type. Conventional options include standard furniture items you can purchase at any furniture store or reuse from other rooms in your home, such as couches and recliners. Movie theater seating is a prototype of traditional cinema seating with similar style and design. Such seating can be purchased new in special store or as resale items from a theater that is remodeling. Home theater seating features the combination of elements of two abovementioned types. And this last one has a mission to create a cinema atmosphere with comfort and luxury features not found in traditional movie theater seats. Home theater seats can be presented by rows of individual seats with shared armrests or by the method of standalone seats, allowing two or more people per section enjoy seating, these large sectional couches can be used for cozy atmosphere around the group. As opposed to conventional sectional couches home theater sectional couches feature specific additional options.


Home theater seats in width is often somewhere between that of a traditional theater seat and that of a luxury recliner. This allows enjoy the room space and you can also put additional seats to your theatre space. Other comfort features are composed of reclining mechanism for more relaxed viewing, collapsing foot rests, adjustable headrests, or seats that rock or swing.

Bonus Features

Cup holders built into the armrests are popular home theater furniture options, and some models even offer lighted cup holders so you can place your drink into them easily under dark viewing conditions. There is also motorized and remote-controlled reclining option which is very popular today among consumers. Amazing invention is that there is an option allowing you to feel the vibration and sound from movie soundtracks from so-called “Bass shakers” which are built in the chair.