People are not always satisfied with that very wide range of choices they have in shops, because the more we enjoy the comfort from luxury furniture the more we want it to be exquisite, and this is a real fact. Consequently, today many furniture manufacturers especially those who deal with entertainment furniture sets can offer something more desirable, more complicated and more comfortable. Very often a different feel is desired, introducing the option for sofas and more-conventional furniture. Sectionals are very popular for such applications because of their possibility to accommodate more extensive seating space. You can face some problems if not having placed the seating in right positions, about this we have talked in previous article, but it would be very useful to revise some points and may be some of them will be helpful for you. So there are some rules according to which the correct position of home theatre seating is determined.

Ø  Firstly you are to measure the screen size in relation to where the intended seating will be placed. Measure the screen diagonally and multiply the result by 2 to establish minimum seating distance.

Ø  Then you are to place the surround speakers at least 18 inches above ear height when seated in the sectional. The location of the surrounds should be slightly to the rear of the sofa.

Ø  Thirdly, sit in the middle of the sectional. Point the two front speakers so that the speaker grilles are pointed directly at this middle position. You should place the center channel speaker directly above or below the screen in order to be ensured that it is parallel to the front two speakers.

Ø  Place the subwoofer at the middle seating position on the floor in front of the sofa. Connect the subwoofer to the home theater receiver with a long RCA cable, of sufficient length to reach the seating area. Plug the subwoofer in to a nearby outlet, using an extension cord if necessary.

Finally, when having tested the surround-sound system tones walk along the perimeter of the room until the smoothest bass is heard. This will be the final location for the subwoofer.