Building home theatre seating is the subject of great convenience, refinement and pleasure. Today cost is not a factor since nice home theater furniture can run thousands of dollars. But what we are to do if we have no enough money to allow ourselves to buy it? Now it is not difficult question, because in this article all secrets of home theatre making features will be discovered specially for you – dear consumers! The factors to consider for seating mainly involve design and comfort. For practical purposes you may want furniture that accommodates media storage. You can create a traditional home theater seating environment by focusing on companies that specialize in home theater designs. But you can also to make the home theatre seating by your own way as we’ve mentioned above. Seating is one of the most important features of a home theater. There are many different kinds and styles of home seating designs to choose from. It just comes down to personal style and preference.


Ø  Choosing the right seats: If the room is all one level it is best to maximize seating with a couch as well as recliners and arrange the furniture in a semicircle around the screen. If the room is sloped or has levels then you can choose a side variety of seating options. For sloped floors you can go with original movie theater seats that fold up when they are not being sat in. This type of seats does not occupy very much room. Moreover they are directly attached to the floor so that they will not slide down the slope.

Ø  Building a Seating Platform: The basic rule of building risers is to elevate the second row of seating 9 inches above the first row of seating. The width of the riser should be able to accommodate the seats that you place on them. You can either by an already made platform or build one yourself using plywood, and wooden beams.

Ø  You can use rope lighting along the sides of the platform in order to light the space between the rows when it is dark.

If following these simple rules you can transform your ordinary room with a TV to magnificent super-class cinema hall.