Contemporary modular compositions so-called wall units which are supplied by almost all shops are very comfortable and utilitarian. A wall unit is a set of versatile and very useful things and elements: shelves for TV, for tableware, for books and clothes and of course a bar. The more simple the design the more it will correspond to your requirements. The main advantage of this furniture is in its universality.  The whole wall unit can be under functions. It can be made of very big height. All cabinets and shelves can be grouped in one place and all unnecessary things and clothes can be hidden there. Now you can diverse the interior of your home and buy something except cabinets and drawers. The selection of case furniture is very wide today, so you can assemble a wall unit for children’s room, living room or bedroom. Wall unit will transform your living area into cozy originally designed place.

Shelves as the core of wall unit

Big capacious rack is not only an excellent alternative to traditional wall unit but also it can be contained within it, as a wall unit – is an old tradition it is hard to reject it for the sake of comfort. The perfect decision was found – modern wall unit is composed of shelves and cabinets. Moreover it is right to hold different disks, books, journals, souvenirs, apparatus for entertainment needs, but to keep clothes there is not proper decision so that special cabinets were included in its structure.


Wall units which contain modern racks have advantages over traditional cabinet-type furniture in design. These sets look more specifically, uniquely, variously and they visually make the space more airy. The airiness effect received due to open racks. That is why such kind of furniture will not block up even the smallest accommodation. Asymmetric wall unit of racks in light colors will help to enliven and brighten up the interior.


The scheme of the rack’s placement and the construction itself depends on the only fantasy of a designer. If you are the designer of your room it depends on your imagination and inspiration. Scaffoldings can have different depth and height. This difference defines the originality and comfort of such kind of wall unit. This difference distinguishes contemporary wall units from traditional ones.


The uniqueness of the wall units comes with an interchange of scaffoldings of different height, structure and depth. If open scaffoldings bore you can furnish them with hatch (glass or dumb). By the way while creating furniture sets it is recommended to follow with a rule: the bottom part should be heavy but the top should be light. Another one unique feature of scaffoldings – by the means of scaffoldings it is possible to zone a room. You can also choose the wall unit which is with a range of modules from scaffoldings, among which the TV stand is placed. But there are some disadvantages of scaffoldings. The one of which concludes in frequent care of the things which are within scaffoldings. The dust quickly covers the surface. In this case closed scaffoldings are more practical. On the other hand scaffoldings from the point of their acceptable price, functionality, comfort and originality are the very perfect and beneficial decisions you can ever make.