To hook up the surround sound in proper way you need to find out and decide what focal point will be the best to place television and speakers in the room. To have good digital entertainment centers supposes not only the acquisition of home theatre and its essential units but also wise placing of all those gadgets in order to enjoy the whole entertainment atmosphere with your favourite movie or music. If in case you have decided not to use the help of special technicians, you should take in mind that there will be exigency to consider some basic guidelines of sound management.

You should keep in mind that the room where the TV is to be placed needs to be an area that receives the least amount of outside light. Also make sure that the room is big enough for the sound system to be set up in. For this reason it is better to note down the length and width of the room and to place the TV right at the center. This will let you to position the speakers in adequate and feasible way. Then you need to determine what type of home theater system you require or have at present because there are a wide range of types of home theater system available out there in the market. Generally the choice will be dependent on the basis of channels and watts they have. The substantial watt power will be required if you are willing to have a surround sound speaker system for HDTV viewing. Hooking up a surround sound system to your digital TV also includes placing the audio and video receiver appropriately. The best place to keep the A/V receiver is right in front of the TV set. If you are going to use any other device with the system, such as a video game console or a blue-ray DVD player; it is suggested to place it right next to the receiver. The most important is to set up the speakers according to their channels. If you have a 5.1 speaker system, you need to place the sub-woofer at a corner from where the sound effect will not be absorbed and it will be felt in the most impressive way.

The front speakers are required to be placed roughly four to five feet from the television; the rear speakers should be set in the same pattern, but in the rear at appropriate distances. After everything has been implemented you are to check the real surround system effect by having stood in the middle of the room. Remember one very important thing: the more the number of speakers, more adjustments you will need to make for getting the desired surround sound.