How do you think, whether it is possible to combine an entertainment center with a fireplace in one place? If your answer is negative you should read this article, and if your answer is positive then you should read this article as well! Because here we will discuss questions concerning the placement of shelf over a fireplace and an entertainment center in one! Let us start! There some instructions in a way of rules which will instruct you!


First of all you should acquire the things you’ll need to build in a shelf over a fireplace: 3/4 plywood, 3/4 flat moulding, 1 1/2 lattice, 2 1/2 screws,  spackling, paint, sand paper. The first thing you will need to do is measure the hole that you will be applying the plywood for the shelf. You do not have to measure this exact and it would be better if you actually cut it about 1/4″ shorter than what it measures so that it will go in place easily. You will need to cut a 3″ by 3″ hole in the middle of the shelf at the back to allow for wires to go through. Once you have your measurements go ahead and cut the piece of plywood for the shelf. You will need to make sure that it slides in place pretty easy before you paint it. Once it is fitting good apply the first coat of paint and let dry while working on the rest of the shelf. You will need to cut 4 pieces of plywood about 4 to 5 inches wide depending on how tall you want the hole in the shelf to allow for other entertainment equipment. You will need a piece for the back wall and both side walls of the entertainment center. You will also need a piece for the middle support. Start with the back piece and for the article we will assume that it is 5″ wide. You will need to measure and cut the back piece again you can cut this a little short so that it slides in easily. With the back piece in place measure and cut the two side pieces. Next you will need to cut a piece for the middle support, you will need to cut this piece about 4 inches shorter than it measures so you will have room to run wires from one side to the other. Apply paint to all the pieces and allow to dry. Next you will install the back and side with 2 1/2″ screws. 1 screw in every stud should be sufficient. Next install the shelf on top of the pieces and attach to the sides with screws. Next you will want to install center support. Make sure you measure to make sure it is in the dead center and then attach to top with screws. Next you will need to put the 3/4 moulding on if the front of plywood shelf and the support. After that lay the 1 1/2″ moulding around the perimeter of the top to dress it up a little and to cover up all the screws. Use spackling to fill in any deficiencies in the plywood before painting. Once all the pieces are together you will need to add a coat of paint and touch up any blemishes with the spackling. Enjoy!