By means of wall unit it is possible to create amazing atmosphere in any living area. Depending on the style such kind of furniture will suit as for ordinary accommodation so as for luxury country house. It being known that since having a wall unit you can be sure that since this time all your things will be in proper place in right order. Capaciousness and multi-functionality are the main advantages of wall units which are at the same time very compact. Talking about constructional features it is worth to accentuate that wall units are in two types: multi-sectional and single-sectional. The wall units which are of the first type are usually purchased for large rooms. Their advantage is in possibility to transpose separate sections. Single-sectional wall units usually have short length because of that they are oriented for short pier. Wall units have numerous advantages so it is hard to imagine how it is possible to combine them all in one set. In order to look into this question let us classify and make up all elements:

Thus contemporary wall units are of following elements:

–  Panels (side, lower and top). They are put into frame elements of design of the wall unit;

–  Patch. They can be made of glass, mirror, panel, or of several different material at once. The mirror patch look the most impressively, moreover they visually enlarge the area, improve the lighting. In glass patch the transparent, tinted, colored or stained-glass window can be used:

–  Shelves. They can be demountable or fixed. The first type shelves usually can be regulated by the height. It is very comfortable. For example in bookcase with demountable shelves it is possible to adjust the height so filling them with publications of diverse sizes. They can be produced of the same material as the wall unit is produced and so as from high-tensile glass. But these shelves don’t harden the whole construction. As opposite to this fixed shelves are elements which strengthen the construction of the wall unit. According to this fact, it is easy to keep off the diagonal warp of the frame. Fixed shelves are often produced of the same material as the whole frame;

Drawers. Standard drawers consist of shell (front, rear part and side part), façade (front decorative wall), bottom and rails (different types).