Today the system of Ancient China which is known as Feng Shui is very popular due to its effectiveness with its doctrine of harmony in the world of animate and inanimate things. According to Feng Shui disorder in house is inadmissible and intolerable. All things should be in order and keep appropriate place in home. Chaos in the house leads to failures in ones life, problems with health and finance. The doctrine also concerns the choice and placement of furniture and the wall units as well.

The material for wall unit

While choosing a wall unit we often take close consideration to the material from which it is made. The Feng Shui advises to look at this question from a little bit different point of view. Because when we choose the material we orientate on different qualities: ecological compatibility, longevity and price. The Chinese doctrine determines that each object has its own energetic and the furniture as well has. In turn the energetic depends on the material from which the thing is produced. And so the furniture can influence the state of health by its energetic it is very important for us that this influence would be positive. In terms of Feng Shui we should give preferences to wall units which are from natural wood, because the wood vey well transacts through the positive energy. The most positive influence on us has the furniture from coniferous, for example from pine tree. Synthetic material for furniture is not preferable.  Generally wood races do have different feature that is why they are used for various purposes.  For example, wall units of dark wood are more proper to use in office rooms but light color wood for making cozy, home and trustful atmosphere.

Dimensions and form has great importance

Regarding to Feng Shui doctrine overall dimensions of wall unit and its proportionality to the room size are very important. If in case the room is too much blocked up with furniture it will cut off the way for positive energetic. Cumbersome and disproportionate furniture will oppress everybody in the room.

As regards the wall unit’s form the Feng Shui calls to use furniture with rounded borders and smooth lines. The reason of that is in simple interpretation: the most popular forms in nature are those with smooth lines. So we need to be as close to nature as possible.

Furniture functionality

According To Feng Shui the furniture should be in good order. If for example your wall unit has many years since you’ve bought it and it is partially in defective condition then it depress you and take energetic from you. Therefore it is not recommended to save this furniture. You are to get rid of such kind of furniture without feeling sorry. It is necessary to renew your home interior, making it more fresh and harmonious. The more functions the wall unit has the better it is.

The place for wall unit

It is worth to consider that you can’t make obstacles from a wall unit because the positive energy must freely circulate. It will be better if cupboards and other furniture units will have legs (the height does not matter) because in this case furniture standing on the floor will neutralize energetic of people living there. As wall units are often placed along walls you should remember that it is better to avoid perfect conformity of the furniture to the wall in order not to prevent energy to circulate. Following these simple rules of wall unit placement you will have good humour, success, prosperity and health living in your home.