In home interior by means of wall units it is possible to reach several goals at once. Such kind of furniture not only organizes the space and make it stylish but also improve it as of ergonomics. All necessary things including TV and technical gadgets can be compactly placed in one linear wall unit (along one side of the wall). If you want to save additional space and to use it more effectively then you should choose angle wall unit which will become a special spice for the interior. Moreover in big spacious place a set of three sides will look very advantageously. One of the most original decisions will be the wall unit from major components of different heights. Such kind of furniture can be installed even along wall with a window or doorway. It can be used not only in living room but also in children room.

One wall unit for two

One children room for two children is not rarity today. But having great desire you can single out individual space for each child even in small room. In order to separate one space for two children you can use the following variant. From the one side of linear wall unit set one bad for one child, from the other side – for the second child. The wall unit is divided for two parts according to children. By the way the doors of one part are to be opened from one side while the doors of the second part from the other side. This method will let children not to disturb each other when getting thing out of the wall unit. There are great many ways to diversify the interior of your home with the help of wall unit.
The composition consisting from elements of different heights is one of the ways. Just join in the creation of your home with fancy and you can see how many interesting and original decisions you can get. For example the wall unit in the shape of pyramid change the whole interior, add a feeling of stability and peace to your room.  Facilities of new self-contained wall units are not limited. Remember that with the help of wall units the appearance of dwelling space can be essentially transformed. All depends on you!