How much do you pay for your apartment’s security now? Or may be you are still afraid of its’ safe guarding when going for holiday!? And how much cost the baby-sitter services? May be you’ve already thought of security officer for your child? Yes, of course without you all is going topsy-turvy! And what is the price of the intellect which everything keeps under control? But firstly let’s investigate what do you understand under the definition of “intellectual building”? Today the market offers you a unique chance to know about it practically! You will be able to manage your home with the help of elegant touch control panel or a universal remote control which will substitute the great number of panels from different devices, for example from TVs, DVDs, tuners, air-conditioners, boomchair, home theatre seating etc. The system “clever home” will allow gather the whole equipment in versatile entertaining system. The home automatically will make ready your movie theatre for film watching: will install the necessary parameters of illumination, pull down the screen, switch on the projector, adjust the sound and even keep up the necessary air temperature throughout the film watching. Your apartment or house will become your “clever” friend: it will pick up shutters tomorrow, switch on your favourite music or TV program, for example, on news channel, switch on air-conditioners or open the windows. In the evening your “intellectual friend” will fill your bath with water of needed temperature, add foam or bath salt, light candles and will create cozy atmosphere. It will even heat up supper if you want and will meet you with illuminated pavement to the garage. Do you like to surprise? Then make a party and meet your guests with illuminated path and various many-colored splashes of fountains. But for what you need it all if you enter your movie theatre only once a week, and you have no time for music tomorrow and for friends in the evening?

Then let’s talk about serious questions, for example about the protection of your home. Of course no security system can protect your children from troubles on the street. This is life. But anyway we have to admit that our home is our stronghold. You always will be in the awareness of what is going on in the home at the moment while you are in absence. You will be able to keep your eye on children and home with the help of video cameras installed inside and outside your home by using computer or mobile phone.
You will have not to come back halfway home any more thinking about kitchen range being off or the light. Right that moment your home will take care of it and it will switch off everything itself (except radiotelephone, fridge, and other similar devices). It will also activate the security guard system.  If have no one to take care of and the entertainment functions of the home are more important for you in this case think about surrounding things which are dear to you. Not taking into account their price of course. Because every thing purchased by you is precious for you by memories about it’s buying, or may be by delight you’ve experienced when you’ve been presented with it. Every thing has its own history, and the holding this history is wonderful thing actually. However how it can be easily lost at one moment! And the matter is not always in the theft. If fire alert happens or in fire hazard situation the system will block gas supply, switch off all electric sources, stop up ventilation and inform you about by SMS message. The system always in proper time and precisely reacts on changing physical parameters of environmental conditions, regulating lighting, heating, ventilation, temperature of water in pool or sauna, controlling the security system, electrical, gas and water supply. In spite of innumerable quantity of implemented functions, the “clever home” can be managed even by child. In a word the home will be your best friend because it will think as you think, work out all wishes, be friend for your friends and be a shield from enemies. And you always will be able to say proudly: “Yes, this is my home!”