Well, you have spent thousands of dollars on remarkable home theatre and home theatre seating. This set has everything: projection screen with special covering, projector of the latest model, build in acoustics hidden under the special drapery, powerful booster and DVD player with the most modern electronic systems. The estimation of acoustics in a room and sound proofing in the area has already been made. The collection of the best films has been placed in the beautiful special media storage.  Everything is very stylish and technically rich. You are looking forward to near enjoyment of the new video game. The one essential thing has been left to be known about its switching on mechanism by you! The control is the most important element of the correctly designed home theatre. Earlier with every new device has been coming to your living room a new remote control has been doing the same. Then the remote control which you had to “teach” to cope with several devices has appeared. It was not a complicated task but it has been requiring too much time and additional patience. But now the management of your home theatre should correspond to the new level, this is what is known as a dispatching of a building. The contemporary control panel provided with memory and powerful processor lets the professional installation to create interface which will completely conforms to your imagination about comfort and functionality. Just imagine that home dispatching can be under control of only one control panel. With the help of macro commands you can manage all things situated in the area of home theatre: audio, video equipment, lighting, temperature etc. The graphic view of the screen control can be designed in any style according to your choice. But this is not the all the clever home can offer you. The operation zone of the control extends to the whole home area and the dispatching of the house is maintained with its help. The audio, video equipment’s switching and the security system is under your control. The display from video cameras is transmitted to your screen control. You can even enter internet without getting up from your armchair. Without the pausing your favourite film you can watch what your children do in the room! This is a real control!