Well, envisage a movie theatre where you came to watch the film of the Year! The hall is completely filled with people, the light is going out slightly and screen appears! The display has cropped up and suddenly it happens that as if a plane has flown over you! Is not it breathtaking!? And now please imagine the situation which is not very pleasant, but very realistic, because it happens almost every time you go to cinema: crunch of potato chips in the hall or somebody always shut the field of view by its generous back, or may be somebody who is near to you always makes a smacking sound with it’s lips drinking “Cola”! And what stuffiness is there! And may be it was not so irritating if not only the idea that you have wasted your time in the traffic jam on the way! And in spite of the film’s quality and captivating actions it is wanted to get up, break into a run to the entry and never come back to this hall! And now please imagine the same movie theatre but without spectators. In this movie theatre you will be able to relax and lie down. This will be the movie theatre where you will be able to control all events! This private movie theatre will allow you to manage the light intensity switching over to definite scene. Just one touch to the button “Film” and the system itself will pull down screen, switch on projector, gradually turn off the light and shut off the blinds! Just one simple push to the button and you can easily pass from DVD watching to TV channel!

“Multi room video” not only will give you the opportunity to gather entertaining functions, but also the control function. With the control function you will be able to get information from video cameras with automatically switching video images of all TVs to camera signal.  Another function of the system is available which is in transmission of information inside the home. Video entrance door intercom also will be available. With it you will always be able to look through the door in order to know who has come.

“Multi room audio” . May be you have tired of walking to the bathroom with radio or may your children complain about the garden where it is so boring without music. With the “multi room audio” system you will be able to listen to music in bathroom, garage or kitchen. How wonderfully it is to go for walk to the garden accompanied by beautiful music early in the morning. There is definite music design for each specific zone in the garden. This system will give you a chance to organize integrated music design inside home.
What is really useful is that when somebody arrives to you and you can not hear the door or telephone ringing because of loud music the system automatically will damp down the sound in every part of your home. Another wonder of this system is comprised in its possibility to put the rooms of your households in the “not disquiet” mode if in case somebody came home very late or part of your family already has went for sleep. The “multi room” system is proposed to be installed over the whole living area and at the same time it is to unite all zones of home in one music design. However it is apparent that every member of the family has its own preferences and liking for music. For example children like watching animated cartoons and you like listen to lyric ballad in the bedroom. In order not to disturb to each other the special noise and any kind of isolation will be fixed in living areas. With “multi room” system you will be able to enjoy that music which you will choose!