The movie begins when the light is dying out in a hall. That is what we remember from childhood. Your home theatre with all its components, such as entertainment unit (wall unit), home theatre seating, and other special furniture can move you to the Past and the light control will help you in it. The light will begin gradually disappear when you give the command to start watching a film. When the films is over or you want to break off it’s watching the light will turn on again. All what will be required from you in this case is only to choose the smoothness of light damping and the quantity of operated lamps in each case. However the light control is not need only in places where a home theatre is, it is needed also all over the home because your life will become more interesting and comfort with such kind of opportunity to control the light. Such kinds of systems do not only economize time and funds but also they are to entertain you. The system will illuminate the way to kitchen or bathroom at night and will demonstrate the light show to your guests during a party. Having adjusted the light control in accordance with all basic arrangements you can reprogram the equipment to the necessary mode in a month or two with help of specialists.