The automation system allows you to remove leaks by stopping up cold and warm water supply.  The signals to valves which block the water supply are transmitted through sensors on the floor. You can no longer be anxious about open tap in bathroom. However remember that water is the most valuable source on Earth and we should use natural resources sparingly. You can no longer remind your family members about evening watering of lawn. You can automate this process having set the time and duration of watering of every zone. And if the rain passes or the temperature is lower than needed the system will know that the watering is not needed. With automation system you can manage almost every process and control it. For example, having pushed the button “I’m at home” the system opens/closes garage, picks up venetian blinds and shutter at home, takes off your home from alarm system mode. You can easily control all commands through wall control panel, personal computer and even with the help of remote control, like SMS message. Thus having been outside your home you can send a message about sauna heating. The system allows control ozonization, floor heating in places of rest, ventilation, waterfalls, hills, underwater searchlight in accordance with set scenarios in pools. If you have aged parents and you worry about when leaving them alone at home then you can use radio control key ring or trinket. The principle of this trinket is in following functions: when extraordinary situation happens, one push to the button of this trinket will make dialing from the stationary home telephone to the emergency or other special services, on your mobile and telephone numbers of other near relatives. A telephone answering machine will leave a message for the employees of emergency service (the age of injured person, address, and if necessary the code of lock). You can also provide your under aged children with such kind of trinket.