As it is known to everybody fashion is going in a spiral way and the things from our “grandmother’s trunk” suddenly become fashionable and claimed. Now let’s talk about retro style in home interior! It is hard for us to say that retro style is the one which uses bright colors and sharp angled shapes. It is like some touch of old gone times. It is widely considered that object gets to a class of retro things if it has been living for 20 years and at the same time if it saved its features of charm and elegance just like for example Singer sewing machine with hammered table top which stile remains one of the most stylish element in retro style interior. For sure many of you keep a pair of dear to your heart items (silver plates, silk lampshade and coverlet with fringe) which you can not throw away.  Don’t hurry to say good buy to them because today retro style is becoming more and more popular. Yes, it is a complete truth! Antique cabinets, TV stands and chests of drawers indicate a really good taste of their owner and are the symbol of prosperity! However these “guests from the past” in retro style require conformable color themed surroundings! Favourite color gammas of retro style are subdued shades of cream, brown, dark-green and olive colors. Wallpapers imitating tapestry or rough stucco will perfectly fit the walls of retro style. Applying retro style to your apartment’s interior you can put covers on soft furniture, hang on printed cotton curtains and the dining table cover with crocheted lacy tablecloth. The light should be very soft and dispersed. Standard lamps, table lamps, sconces will help you to create cozy atmosphere without which the retro style is impossible in room. And the last: making retro style in the room you should remember that everything is good just within reasonable limits otherwise your apartment run risks of becoming an authentic museum!