Furniture is not just the set of glass, wood and metal. It is embodiment of tastes and preferences of its owner. It is an important element of home interior. It is a guarantee of good mood for a long period of time. Exactly for this reason it can’t be bought at any shop at any time! It should be thoroughly chosen and only after it can ideally fit you and your home. Please draw your attention to contemporary glass furniture! It has won its popularity due to its airiness and solidity. The furniture from glass is versatile. It will fit any interior, any room or kitchen. Glass elements perfectly dilute the interior, add some light to it and visually broaden the space. Glass furniture is usually used in high-tech style – the style of glass and concrete. Nevertheless it harmoniously looks in classic interior. Generally talking glass is valuable material because of its qualities! Glass is pure material and it was high valued already by ancient people and especially by Asian nations. Now let us talk about glass origin! So how the glass has appeared?

Today articles from glass are so popular that they meet almost everywhere: in shops, medicine, military production. However the most widely distributed usage glass has got in interior and design. The discourse is not only about simple windows, mirrors and pedestals as such unusual furniture item as table transformer is also made of glass. Where glass had come from? There is a legend telling about that the first glass had appeared absolutely accidentally in the far ancient times. Thus, in times, when trade was the most popular and developed occupation among nations and merchants had been the richest among all sections of population the most gorgeous merchants’ ship was sailing across sea! The merchants from that ship were carrying soda which they were going to change it on furs and jugs. Exactly by that time storm had broken out and it did not let merchants to implement their plan in time so they were forced to make a stop at a port on an island in order to wait till the storm was over. The island was exceptionally sandy. There were not even a couple of stones in order to make a fire. However after soda was taken from the side of the ship and delivered to the island they had managed to kindle a fire in the end. After they had had hearty meal they all went to sleep having kept their plans the next day.  Having woken up early in the morning merchants began to gather their camp and suddenly they had noticed something very strange – soda turned into thin plates of transparent but dull material. This was the first prototype of glass. Later from to year glass technologies had been developing. Glass had become the prerogative of rich people. Only prosperous people could afford to have glass windows in their homes. Gradually people had achieved the transparency of glass and they had learned to add mixtures into glass due to which it was becoming colored. Thus stained-glass windows which have been trimming cathedrals and the greatest temples in mankind’s history had appeared. Glass was becoming a decorative element. Even in present times we always encounter with glass everywhere and especially in design items such as shelves, windows, tableware, glass tables and TV stands, doors and wall units, accessories and lightings.