Impetuous progress in IT technologies has promoted not only adoption of technologies in our life but also it has changed considerably home interiors. The techno style keeps its balance on the verge from one side showing itself almost in ugly views and from the other side recognizing aesthetics of technologies in interior and architecture.  Such kind of duplicity lets the techno style to be very expressive. The constructions and buildings in such kind of style are almost “vanishing and transparent”. Their complicated bends assembled from reflected glass let the multistory buildings disappear in air during the day and shine with mysterious light from widows’ flats and offices during the twilight. The living area of home in techno style is associated with elements from factory shops, repair hangars, storehouses and railway stations.  Non concealed beams with lightings, mezzanines in stage shapes, heavy metal doors and spiral staircase are typical for this kind of style. The furniture is mostly like cabinets in locker rooms or safes but as a rule with decorated doors. The cabinets in a type of two metal containers set one upon another enjoy special popularity. Corrugated and perforated metal plates are of great popularity in techno style design: in partitions, open shelves and other elements of décor. Stools which mostly remind lunar rover and chairs from metal plates or bent pipes all of these are elements of techno style. Glass tables with assembled legs or rollers also one of the significant feature of techno style. Metal in different variations, glass, color plastic and some wood are used in techno style decoration. However don’t think that you will have to sit only on rigid metal chair because there is also soft furniture in techno style. Sofas are featured with low and deep seating, metal legs and armrests. Sofas and armchairs are covered with special synthetical covers which are supplied with various pockets for newspapers, remote control and other things as a rule. The popular colors in sofa upholstering are khaki, metallic, wine red, grey and dirty orange. The armchair probably will remind you abandoned bag despite comfortable furniture.  The armchairs also can be from plastic.  The walls feature rough texture as a rule. Usually young people are fond of such kind of home interiors because we know that young soul neglects comfort and warmth as a rule.  Such kinds of interiors are used in places for discos usually where young people feel themselves more free and naturally. The special element to the style will bring neglected condition of the place where some kind of disorder will create certain harmony. The important role is designated to the lighting. Lamps with open metal accessories will bring exclusive look to the interior. Table and floor lamps are folded up, revolved and stretched under different angles. According to the designers which create interior in this style the light should not only fill the place but also to tell definite story, draw the details, metaphors and make deep sense.  Despite the techno style does not featured with optimism it is very demanded among young intellectuals close to cont culture ideas of post-industrial society. However the shade of disappointment inherent in techno style does not prevent it to rush into the future where new technologies, new discoveries and new interiors wait for us.