Today the progress in high technology has achieved so high levels that we need to adapt our way of life to it. This also refers to home interior which changes as time and progress passes. Earlier we couldn’t even imagine TV’s without armoires and special stands which resembled heavy cumbersome boxes sometimes not matching the whole interior atmosphere! Now designers and producers are in strong competition which in turn creates progress in furniture production! Just one look at one of the internet-shop’s sites and you will get real evidence of this infinite race! As a result we have wonderful and extraordinary TV stands designed along the latest style requirements and furnished with various functional options! For example you can look at the pictures provided! Looking at them I’m much more convinced of that the simplicity is the genuine source of superiority and progress! My thoughts may seem somewhat inconsistent with common logics but that is not true! I see that TV stands today wear unique and extraordinary shapes! And this really wins over us and many people are glad to self-express them by means of unusual furniture designs like these two TV stands elegantly and accurately emphasizing the fine style of kitchen and living room! What my dear reader do think over these odd designs of  TV stands!?