Hi, dear reader! Will you agree with me, that today we need smarter ideas in order to create the interior of our home? High technologies change the way of our life as easy as the Sun rises every morning! The appearance and design of our living areas also change becoming more functional, creative and smarter. If your home interior features modern and smart look you wouldn’t like to worsen the appearance of it with a big TV stand, right? My today’s post is going to reveal how to perfectly integrate a TV stand into your home interior! One of the ways, which I decided to be the most creative and original – is to set a screen into a plasterboard wall and then the panel can be brought across from a pocket slot in the adjacent wall. The sliding screen is treated like another wall. You can also to hang an artwork on the wall and then the illusion will look realistic. This idea is presented by Hugo Tugman from Architect Your Home. You can see the project at the picture above. Doesn’t it look nice and extraordinary?