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The biggest collection of remembrances with Santa Claus

As of November 30, 2010 Jean-Guy Laquerre (Canada) had gathered25 104 of different souvenirs with Santa Claus. The date of the first souvenir he had got is 1988. There are already 2 360 statuettes, 2 846 cards and postcards from 33 states, 1 312 table napkins and 241 pins and brooches in his collection.

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Mix your TV with picture frames

Dear friends, our fascinating journey into the TV stands stories successfully continue today. If you don’t want to deface the elegant decorative appearance of the room with a TV screen then you can make an effect of mixing the screen with pictures on the wall! In order to draw attention away from a TV you should scatter pictures about the wall where a TV screen is placed. Thus your screen will be blend with artwork. Moreover if the pictures are framed behind reflective glass this effect will be even stronger because the light bouncing off them will be the same as it is from the screen. When a TV is off its screen will reflect the image of the room thus acquiring an authentic look of artwork! It is nice, isn’t it?!

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Place your TV in a chic cupboard

Hi, dear reader! I’m continuing my stories about the ways of concealing TVs and TV stands in your home! Please don’t think that I’m speaking in riddles! I’m just trying to show you that there are many ways to make your room interior neat and well-organized with the help of correctly selected furniture! This time we are going to talk about the astonishing facilities of cupboards where TV stands find shelter! Look at the picture above! Don’t you find this way of hiding a TV funny and creative?! In my point of view this is one of the most amusing and nice method of placing a TV! The whole interior looks pretty and smart enough with the spirit of classic and old-fashioned cupboard reminding us our sweat childhood!

What do you think of this unusual TV stand?!

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How to integrate a TV into your living room

Hi, dear reader! Will you agree with me, that today we need smarter ideas in order to create the interior of our home? High technologies change the way of our life as easy as the Sun rises every morning! The appearance and design of our living areas also change becoming more functional, creative and smarter. If your home interior features modern and smart look you wouldn’t like to worsen the appearance of it with a big TV stand, right? My today’s post is going to reveal how to perfectly integrate a TV stand into your home interior! One of the ways, which I decided to be the most creative and original – is to set a screen into a plasterboard wall and then the panel can be brought across from a pocket slot in the adjacent wall. The sliding screen is treated like another wall. You can also to hang an artwork on the wall and then the illusion will look realistic. This idea is presented by Hugo Tugman from Architect Your Home. You can see the project at the picture above. Doesn’t it look nice and extraordinary?

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TV stands as the décor element

Today the progress in high technology has achieved so high levels that we need to adapt our way of life to it. This also refers to home interior which changes as time and progress passes. Earlier we couldn’t even imagine TV’s without armoires and special stands which resembled heavy cumbersome boxes sometimes not matching the whole interior atmosphere! Now designers and producers are in strong competition which in turn creates progress in furniture production! Just one look at one of the internet-shop’s sites and you will get real evidence of this infinite race! As a result we have wonderful and extraordinary TV stands designed along the latest style requirements and furnished with various functional options! For example you can look at the pictures provided! Looking at them I’m much more convinced of that the simplicity is the genuine source of superiority and progress! My thoughts may seem somewhat inconsistent with common logics but that is not true! I see that TV stands today wear unique and extraordinary shapes! And this really wins over us and many people are glad to self-express them by means of unusual furniture designs like these two TV stands elegantly and accurately emphasizing the fine style of kitchen and living room! What my dear reader do think over these odd designs of  TV stands!?

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Home in techno style

Impetuous progress in IT technologies has promoted not only adoption of technologies in our life but also it has changed considerably home interiors. The techno style keeps its balance on the verge from one side showing itself almost in ugly views and from the other side recognizing aesthetics of technologies in interior and architecture.  Such kind of duplicity lets the techno style to be very expressive. The constructions and buildings in such kind of style are almost “vanishing and transparent”. Their complicated bends assembled from reflected glass let the multistory buildings disappear in air during the day and shine with mysterious light from widows’ flats and offices during the twilight. The living area of home in techno style is associated with elements from factory shops, repair hangars, storehouses and railway stations.  Non concealed beams with lightings, mezzanines in stage shapes, heavy metal doors and spiral staircase are typical for this kind of style. The furniture is mostly like cabinets in locker rooms or safes but as a rule with decorated doors. The cabinets in a type of two metal containers set one upon another enjoy special popularity. Corrugated and perforated metal plates are of great popularity in techno style design: in partitions, open shelves and other elements of décor. Stools which mostly remind lunar rover and chairs from metal plates or bent pipes all of these are elements of techno style. Glass tables with assembled legs or rollers also one of the significant feature of techno style. Metal in different variations, glass, color plastic and some wood are used in techno style decoration. However don’t think that you will have to sit only on rigid metal chair because there is also soft furniture in techno style. Sofas are featured with low and deep seating, metal legs and armrests. Sofas and armchairs are covered with special synthetical covers which are supplied with various pockets for newspapers, remote control and other things as a rule. The popular colors in sofa upholstering are khaki, metallic, wine red, grey and dirty orange. The armchair probably will remind you abandoned bag despite comfortable furniture.  The armchairs also can be from plastic.  The walls feature rough texture as a rule. Usually young people are fond of such kind of home interiors because we know that young soul neglects comfort and warmth as a rule.  Such kinds of interiors are used in places for discos usually where young people feel themselves more free and naturally. The special element to the style will bring neglected condition of the place where some kind of disorder will create certain harmony. The important role is designated to the lighting. Lamps with open metal accessories will bring exclusive look to the interior. Table and floor lamps are folded up, revolved and stretched under different angles. According to the designers which create interior in this style the light should not only fill the place but also to tell definite story, draw the details, metaphors and make deep sense.  Despite the techno style does not featured with optimism it is very demanded among young intellectuals close to cont culture ideas of post-industrial society. However the shade of disappointment inherent in techno style does not prevent it to rush into the future where new technologies, new discoveries and new interiors wait for us.

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What kind of furniture you should choose for your TV set? What is to be considered when buying a TV stand?

Contemporary furniture market is presented with a great number of various TV stands which are different with color, material, shape, style etc. But do you know that the material used in production of a TV stand is gone through thorough examination of experts and thus it can bear any weight of equipment! Probably it can seem very strange but the greater we have the range of selection the harder it is for us to choose proper furniture unit. Contemporary fashion dictates to its consumers to pay attention to TV stands from metal and glass but do you know that wooden and classic style TV stands are also in great demand!  Of course we are to pay tribute to fashion but the classic style never leaves us. You should always remember that the choice you will make depends only mainly on you because nobody can imagine better than you how the new TV stand will fit your home interior and how many shelves you need. If you have your own small room than in order to save space you can use a modular wall unit where the place for your TV equipment is already provided for. However if you have a big apartment with enough space you can use small and light stands and pedestals for TV equipment.  Before you make choice on your future TV stands you should think what functions it will have. If your equipment is not limited with an only TV then you should probably pay attention to TV stands with hinged elements and additional shelves. It will not be an unnecessary thing to determine the placement of a TV stand because they can be as straight, closed, opened and angular.  Also they are different by the bottom: they can be on legs, socle, wheels which are made from various materials. If you can not bear infinite coils of tangled wires then you should have an eye on a TV stand equipped with special shelf which can hide these pestered wires.

Although there is no genie today however almost every desire is executable. And if in case you do not find proper TV stand for your home you have a chance to make special order for it.

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The secrets of glass in your home!

Furniture is not just the set of glass, wood and metal. It is embodiment of tastes and preferences of its owner. It is an important element of home interior. It is a guarantee of good mood for a long period of time. Exactly for this reason it can’t be bought at any shop at any time! It should be thoroughly chosen and only after it can ideally fit you and your home. Please draw your attention to contemporary glass furniture! It has won its popularity due to its airiness and solidity. The furniture from glass is versatile. It will fit any interior, any room or kitchen. Glass elements perfectly dilute the interior, add some light to it and visually broaden the space. Glass furniture is usually used in high-tech style – the style of glass and concrete. Nevertheless it harmoniously looks in classic interior. Generally talking glass is valuable material because of its qualities! Glass is pure material and it was high valued already by ancient people and especially by Asian nations. Now let us talk about glass origin! So how the glass has appeared?

Today articles from glass are so popular that they meet almost everywhere: in shops, medicine, military production. However the most widely distributed usage glass has got in interior and design. The discourse is not only about simple windows, mirrors and pedestals as such unusual furniture item as table transformer is also made of glass. Where glass had come from? There is a legend telling about that the first glass had appeared absolutely accidentally in the far ancient times. Thus, in times, when trade was the most popular and developed occupation among nations and merchants had been the richest among all sections of population the most gorgeous merchants’ ship was sailing across sea! The merchants from that ship were carrying soda which they were going to change it on furs and jugs. Exactly by that time storm had broken out and it did not let merchants to implement their plan in time so they were forced to make a stop at a port on an island in order to wait till the storm was over. The island was exceptionally sandy. There were not even a couple of stones in order to make a fire. However after soda was taken from the side of the ship and delivered to the island they had managed to kindle a fire in the end. After they had had hearty meal they all went to sleep having kept their plans the next day.  Having woken up early in the morning merchants began to gather their camp and suddenly they had noticed something very strange – soda turned into thin plates of transparent but dull material. This was the first prototype of glass. Later from to year glass technologies had been developing. Glass had become the prerogative of rich people. Only prosperous people could afford to have glass windows in their homes. Gradually people had achieved the transparency of glass and they had learned to add mixtures into glass due to which it was becoming colored. Thus stained-glass windows which have been trimming cathedrals and the greatest temples in mankind’s history had appeared. Glass was becoming a decorative element. Even in present times we always encounter with glass everywhere and especially in design items such as shelves, windows, tableware, glass tables and TV stands, doors and wall units, accessories and lightings.

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Transforming your apartment into fabulous paradise of retro style

As it is known to everybody fashion is going in a spiral way and the things from our “grandmother’s trunk” suddenly become fashionable and claimed. Now let’s talk about retro style in home interior! It is hard for us to say that retro style is the one which uses bright colors and sharp angled shapes. It is like some touch of old gone times. It is widely considered that object gets to a class of retro things if it has been living for 20 years and at the same time if it saved its features of charm and elegance just like for example Singer sewing machine with hammered table top which stile remains one of the most stylish element in retro style interior. For sure many of you keep a pair of dear to your heart items (silver plates, silk lampshade and coverlet with fringe) which you can not throw away.  Don’t hurry to say good buy to them because today retro style is becoming more and more popular. Yes, it is a complete truth! Antique cabinets, TV stands and chests of drawers indicate a really good taste of their owner and are the symbol of prosperity! However these “guests from the past” in retro style require conformable color themed surroundings! Favourite color gammas of retro style are subdued shades of cream, brown, dark-green and olive colors. Wallpapers imitating tapestry or rough stucco will perfectly fit the walls of retro style. Applying retro style to your apartment’s interior you can put covers on soft furniture, hang on printed cotton curtains and the dining table cover with crocheted lacy tablecloth. The light should be very soft and dispersed. Standard lamps, table lamps, sconces will help you to create cozy atmosphere without which the retro style is impossible in room. And the last: making retro style in the room you should remember that everything is good just within reasonable limits otherwise your apartment run risks of becoming an authentic museum!

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