Clever home: the control to which you’ve got accustomed to

Well, you have spent thousands of dollars on remarkable home theatre and home theatre seating. This set has everything: projection screen with special covering, projector of the latest model, build in acoustics hidden under the special drapery, powerful booster and DVD player with the most modern electronic systems. The estimation of acoustics in a room and sound proofing in the area has already been made. The collection of the best films has been placed in the beautiful special media storage.  Everything is very stylish and technically rich. You are looking forward to near enjoyment of the new video game. The one essential thing has been left to be known about its switching on mechanism by you! The control is the most important element of the correctly designed home theatre. Earlier with every new device has been coming to your living room a new remote control has been doing the same. Then the remote control which you had to “teach” to cope with several devices has appeared. It was not a complicated task but it has been requiring too much time and additional patience. But now the management of your home theatre should correspond to the new level, this is what is known as a dispatching of a building. The contemporary control panel provided with memory and powerful processor lets the professional installation to create interface which will completely conforms to your imagination about comfort and functionality. Just imagine that home dispatching can be under control of only one control panel. With the help of macro commands you can manage all things situated in the area of home theatre: audio, video equipment, lighting, temperature etc. The graphic view of the screen control can be designed in any style according to your choice. But this is not the all the clever home can offer you. The operation zone of the control extends to the whole home area and the dispatching of the house is maintained with its help. The audio, video equipment’s switching and the security system is under your control. The display from video cameras is transmitted to your screen control. You can even enter internet without getting up from your armchair. Without the pausing your favourite film you can watch what your children do in the room! This is a real control!

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Interesting decisions for wall units

In home interior by means of wall units it is possible to reach several goals at once. Such kind of furniture not only organizes the space and make it stylish but also improve it as of ergonomics. All necessary things including TV and technical gadgets can be compactly placed in one linear wall unit (along one side of the wall). If you want to save additional space and to use it more effectively then you should choose angle wall unit which will become a special spice for the interior. Moreover in big spacious place a set of three sides will look very advantageously. One of the most original decisions will be the wall unit from major components of different heights. Such kind of furniture can be installed even along wall with a window or doorway. It can be used not only in living room but also in children room.

One wall unit for two

One children room for two children is not rarity today. But having great desire you can single out individual space for each child even in small room. In order to separate one space for two children you can use the following variant. From the one side of linear wall unit set one bad for one child, from the other side – for the second child. The wall unit is divided for two parts according to children. By the way the doors of one part are to be opened from one side while the doors of the second part from the other side. This method will let children not to disturb each other when getting thing out of the wall unit. There are great many ways to diversify the interior of your home with the help of wall unit.
The composition consisting from elements of different heights is one of the ways. Just join in the creation of your home with fancy and you can see how many interesting and original decisions you can get. For example the wall unit in the shape of pyramid change the whole interior, add a feeling of stability and peace to your room.  Facilities of new self-contained wall units are not limited. Remember that with the help of wall units the appearance of dwelling space can be essentially transformed. All depends on you!

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Wall units in feng shui

Today the system of Ancient China which is known as Feng Shui is very popular due to its effectiveness with its doctrine of harmony in the world of animate and inanimate things. According to Feng Shui disorder in house is inadmissible and intolerable. All things should be in order and keep appropriate place in home. Chaos in the house leads to failures in ones life, problems with health and finance. The doctrine also concerns the choice and placement of furniture and the wall units as well.

The material for wall unit

While choosing a wall unit we often take close consideration to the material from which it is made. The Feng Shui advises to look at this question from a little bit different point of view. Because when we choose the material we orientate on different qualities: ecological compatibility, longevity and price. The Chinese doctrine determines that each object has its own energetic and the furniture as well has. In turn the energetic depends on the material from which the thing is produced. And so the furniture can influence the state of health by its energetic it is very important for us that this influence would be positive. In terms of Feng Shui we should give preferences to wall units which are from natural wood, because the wood vey well transacts through the positive energy. The most positive influence on us has the furniture from coniferous, for example from pine tree. Synthetic material for furniture is not preferable.  Generally wood races do have different feature that is why they are used for various purposes.  For example, wall units of dark wood are more proper to use in office rooms but light color wood for making cozy, home and trustful atmosphere.

Dimensions and form has great importance

Regarding to Feng Shui doctrine overall dimensions of wall unit and its proportionality to the room size are very important. If in case the room is too much blocked up with furniture it will cut off the way for positive energetic. Cumbersome and disproportionate furniture will oppress everybody in the room.

As regards the wall unit’s form the Feng Shui calls to use furniture with rounded borders and smooth lines. The reason of that is in simple interpretation: the most popular forms in nature are those with smooth lines. So we need to be as close to nature as possible.

Furniture functionality

According To Feng Shui the furniture should be in good order. If for example your wall unit has many years since you’ve bought it and it is partially in defective condition then it depress you and take energetic from you. Therefore it is not recommended to save this furniture. You are to get rid of such kind of furniture without feeling sorry. It is necessary to renew your home interior, making it more fresh and harmonious. The more functions the wall unit has the better it is.

The place for wall unit

It is worth to consider that you can’t make obstacles from a wall unit because the positive energy must freely circulate. It will be better if cupboards and other furniture units will have legs (the height does not matter) because in this case furniture standing on the floor will neutralize energetic of people living there. As wall units are often placed along walls you should remember that it is better to avoid perfect conformity of the furniture to the wall in order not to prevent energy to circulate. Following these simple rules of wall unit placement you will have good humour, success, prosperity and health living in your home.

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Wall unit: let’s make all things in order

By means of wall unit it is possible to create amazing atmosphere in any living area. Depending on the style such kind of furniture will suit as for ordinary accommodation so as for luxury country house. It being known that since having a wall unit you can be sure that since this time all your things will be in proper place in right order. Capaciousness and multi-functionality are the main advantages of wall units which are at the same time very compact. Talking about constructional features it is worth to accentuate that wall units are in two types: multi-sectional and single-sectional. The wall units which are of the first type are usually purchased for large rooms. Their advantage is in possibility to transpose separate sections. Single-sectional wall units usually have short length because of that they are oriented for short pier. Wall units have numerous advantages so it is hard to imagine how it is possible to combine them all in one set. In order to look into this question let us classify and make up all elements:

Thus contemporary wall units are of following elements:

–  Panels (side, lower and top). They are put into frame elements of design of the wall unit;

–  Patch. They can be made of glass, mirror, panel, or of several different material at once. The mirror patch look the most impressively, moreover they visually enlarge the area, improve the lighting. In glass patch the transparent, tinted, colored or stained-glass window can be used:

–  Shelves. They can be demountable or fixed. The first type shelves usually can be regulated by the height. It is very comfortable. For example in bookcase with demountable shelves it is possible to adjust the height so filling them with publications of diverse sizes. They can be produced of the same material as the wall unit is produced and so as from high-tensile glass. But these shelves don’t harden the whole construction. As opposite to this fixed shelves are elements which strengthen the construction of the wall unit. According to this fact, it is easy to keep off the diagonal warp of the frame. Fixed shelves are often produced of the same material as the whole frame;

Drawers. Standard drawers consist of shell (front, rear part and side part), façade (front decorative wall), bottom and rails (different types).

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How to choose the best entertainment center

It is not difficult to suspect the thing first came to your mind after you’ve read the title of this article! Possibly you’ve decided that to choose an entertainment center is very easy work. However, as you’ve guessed we won’t start this talk if it is too easy task! With every season going by it becomes more difficult to choose furniture and especially the entertainment center, because today the supply and choice are great and we can’t concentrate on definite items we really need. As options and features are added to entertainment centers the process of buying becomes more complicated. Exactly for this reason you are to follow some advice given here in this little article. It will be your guide to the world of entertainment centers! Ready? Here we go!  The most important thing you can do before shopping for an entertainment center is take measurements. The measurements of the space where you plan to put the piece and the dimensions of the doorway through which the complete piece will be moved. The measurements of the DVD player or VCR, any stereo equipment, and any game systems will be vital to the entertainment center you are going to acquire. Then you are to consider what you need to store in your entertainment center. As additional options like shelves and cabinets nowadays are the integral part of entertainment centers of new generation you have chance to put special things such as remote controls, movies, instruction manuals, and books there. Only after having considered the sizes you can think of the type of design of an entertainment center. Styles of entertainment centers range from the simple traditional look, to the quaint country design, to the sleek contemporary style. You may also want to consider examining the entertainment center for the quality of the wood and construction. Many less expensive models are made of pressed wood. While these models are much more affordable and will likely last several years, they may not have the durability to last a lifetime or withstand frequent moves. That is why you should to choose an entertainment center constructed mainly of solid woods or veneers. The furniture from durable material such as expensive wood can stand the test of time. Also the veneer is the use of thin pieces of wood glued over a substrate. Veneered wood doesn’t expand and contract as much as solid wood, so it is less likely to be damaged when exposed to varying temperatures and humidity. But the damage made upon veneered furniture can lead to big expenditures as it is very expensive to repair. Veneer is generally less expensive than solid wood. Solid wood furniture is strong and durable and easy to repair, but it is more susceptible to environmental changes, expanding when the air is moist and contracting when the air is dry. Because of this, solid wood pieces may eventually show shrinkage or even split.

There are two main types of buying the entertainment center: already assembled and the one you should assemble yourself at home. Of course it is better to use the services of special shops where the entertainment center is sold. But it will cost much more less in cash that is why, it’s best to assemble your entertainment center in the room in which it will be used. Whatever entertainment center you choose, take a good look at the floor model that represents the piece you will be getting.

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Wall Unit Ideas for computer desk & TV

As today more and more questions rises upon the problem of space saving functions of furniture it becomes more obvious that we are to discover some ways of how to reach the desired result. That is why here we will try to give all necessary information you will need when buying home furniture!

A computer desk needs ample surface space.

One of the most popular ways to save space in your living area today is to take advantage from the combination of a wall unit with functions of a computer desk with a television stand. This striking method of hybrid furniture also gives a chance to integrate technology in a living room, media room or space-starved dorm room. TV and desk wall units need to combine all the necessary elements of a desk and a TV stand to be both functional and attractive.  There is another way to save space: you can mount your TV on a wall and to construct your own computer desk with maximum of comfort and minimum excessive elements! Moreover if in case your living area is too small and don’t let to place too much furniture even the most necessary you can equip your room with different functional zones. Each of zones will represent the special room. All these zones can be separated by means of dividers!

TV Wall Mount

One advantage of combining a TV wall unit with a desk is the elimination of another unnecessary screen. You can also use one screen for two purposes: for a TV and for a monitor of a computer! It will save the space two times more than 2 monitors! Computer users can use the same large screen that TV viewers watch from across the room. However, a wall unit has limited surface space and even a slim-profile TV can take up valuable space. There is a way of hanging the television above the desktop with the help of a wall mount. Having chosen this way you’ll have one very superb advantage for your health: the screen will be closer to eye level, which is ideal for computer users. If in case the viewer is sitting in a lower position (in a couch or chair) or at a greater distance across the room it will be perfect to raise the television screen above desktop items, like a keyboard, mouse or printer.

Shelving Surround

It is very usual that computer peripherals, printer paper, DVDs, CDs and other items take too much space for file and equipment storage and in order to save space we can use flexible storage space, such as adjustable-height shelves and cabinets large enough to accommodate organizers, bins and hanging files. You can surely accord that the more a wall unit with TV options and computer desk options has the more things we can arrange on it and correspondingly more space we will save.

Wireless Peripherals

Today we know that wireless devices eliminate the clutter that comes from cords in most media centers. So for this reason we can use this technology to avoid the overwhelming of the room with wires, adapters and various connections.

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How to build a shelf in and entertainment center over a fireplace?

How do you think, whether it is possible to combine an entertainment center with a fireplace in one place? If your answer is negative you should read this article, and if your answer is positive then you should read this article as well! Because here we will discuss questions concerning the placement of shelf over a fireplace and an entertainment center in one! Let us start! There some instructions in a way of rules which will instruct you!


First of all you should acquire the things you’ll need to build in a shelf over a fireplace: 3/4 plywood, 3/4 flat moulding, 1 1/2 lattice, 2 1/2 screws,  spackling, paint, sand paper. The first thing you will need to do is measure the hole that you will be applying the plywood for the shelf. You do not have to measure this exact and it would be better if you actually cut it about 1/4″ shorter than what it measures so that it will go in place easily. You will need to cut a 3″ by 3″ hole in the middle of the shelf at the back to allow for wires to go through. Once you have your measurements go ahead and cut the piece of plywood for the shelf. You will need to make sure that it slides in place pretty easy before you paint it. Once it is fitting good apply the first coat of paint and let dry while working on the rest of the shelf. You will need to cut 4 pieces of plywood about 4 to 5 inches wide depending on how tall you want the hole in the shelf to allow for other entertainment equipment. You will need a piece for the back wall and both side walls of the entertainment center. You will also need a piece for the middle support. Start with the back piece and for the article we will assume that it is 5″ wide. You will need to measure and cut the back piece again you can cut this a little short so that it slides in easily. With the back piece in place measure and cut the two side pieces. Next you will need to cut a piece for the middle support, you will need to cut this piece about 4 inches shorter than it measures so you will have room to run wires from one side to the other. Apply paint to all the pieces and allow to dry. Next you will install the back and side with 2 1/2″ screws. 1 screw in every stud should be sufficient. Next install the shelf on top of the pieces and attach to the sides with screws. Next you will want to install center support. Make sure you measure to make sure it is in the dead center and then attach to top with screws. Next you will need to put the 3/4 moulding on if the front of plywood shelf and the support. After that lay the 1 1/2″ moulding around the perimeter of the top to dress it up a little and to cover up all the screws. Use spackling to fill in any deficiencies in the plywood before painting. Once all the pieces are together you will need to add a coat of paint and touch up any blemishes with the spackling. Enjoy!

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How to Hook Up Surround Sound

To hook up the surround sound in proper way you need to find out and decide what focal point will be the best to place television and speakers in the room. To have good digital entertainment centers supposes not only the acquisition of home theatre and its essential units but also wise placing of all those gadgets in order to enjoy the whole entertainment atmosphere with your favourite movie or music. If in case you have decided not to use the help of special technicians, you should take in mind that there will be exigency to consider some basic guidelines of sound management.

You should keep in mind that the room where the TV is to be placed needs to be an area that receives the least amount of outside light. Also make sure that the room is big enough for the sound system to be set up in. For this reason it is better to note down the length and width of the room and to place the TV right at the center. This will let you to position the speakers in adequate and feasible way. Then you need to determine what type of home theater system you require or have at present because there are a wide range of types of home theater system available out there in the market. Generally the choice will be dependent on the basis of channels and watts they have. The substantial watt power will be required if you are willing to have a surround sound speaker system for HDTV viewing. Hooking up a surround sound system to your digital TV also includes placing the audio and video receiver appropriately. The best place to keep the A/V receiver is right in front of the TV set. If you are going to use any other device with the system, such as a video game console or a blue-ray DVD player; it is suggested to place it right next to the receiver. The most important is to set up the speakers according to their channels. If you have a 5.1 speaker system, you need to place the sub-woofer at a corner from where the sound effect will not be absorbed and it will be felt in the most impressive way.

The front speakers are required to be placed roughly four to five feet from the television; the rear speakers should be set in the same pattern, but in the rear at appropriate distances. After everything has been implemented you are to check the real surround system effect by having stood in the middle of the room. Remember one very important thing: the more the number of speakers, more adjustments you will need to make for getting the desired surround sound.

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Wall units for modern living room

In any home the living room is very special place. It is not only the core element of home but also it is very functional part of it. It is exactly the place where all members of a family, relatives and friends gather every evening. That is why the living-room furniture as well as the wall unit should be peculiar and at the same time comfortable, cozy, fine and impressive leaving pleasant feelings. Contemporary wall units allow make up different style decisions from traditional classic interior to unusual fantasy dream interior. You can implement the most courageous design invention.

The infinite classics

The traditional wall units are always in demand. But today monotonous cabinets and drawers are bygones time. New decisions of modern traditional wall units are very diverse. The distinctive features of such furniture are strict forms and exact lines, refinement and sound taste. Traditional wall units are essential elements of conservative style under the name of classic!

A variety of styles

Options of contemporary wall units are not limited with traditionality. Nowadays this furniture helps to create the most interesting, unexpected and various styles. If you the amateur of free airy interior then the Japan style will be perfect for you. Splendid and quality wall units from natural materials (often expensive wood breeds) in the style of the east country will become integral part of your home interior. If the modern styles are heart-to-heart for you then take a close attention on modular wall units in “modern” style, which are made from very different and sometimes unusual materials also they feature bold shapes, lines and rich color gamma. The wall units in “advance guard” style astonish with variability of colors, constructions and shapes. They accentuate the identity of your living space, introduce the most courageous winnowing of furniture fashion into it. This style has not any limitations. The combination of incompatible elements – that is the motto of “advance guard” styled living area.

For romantic creation interior the wall units decorated with exquisite accessories, gilded glass and mirrors, wooden fronts and fretted elements will be needed. It is that furniture which will remind you about tranquil way of life of the 19-th century and it will help to recreate its atmosphere.

In order to create light, laconic and styled modern interior, deprived of unnecessary details and fancifulness the wall units in “high-tech” style will be the most appropriate. More than unusual this furniture will be proper element in young people’s living room where as the designer the owner of the room can be. By the way you should consider that if you are in search of your own style for living area there are not any barriers today. You can bravely mix styles and experiment on it because the result must please you. However if you are willing to have living room which is correspond to definite style it is better to appeal to the help of professional designer which will concern about the compatibility of colors, furniture units and create a unique interior with a wall unit as well. Because you know if to create own interior without special knowledge and preparation relying just on intuition and the taste sense you are at risk to get tasteless living room instead of original one, even if it was made with scope and love.

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High-Tech in your home interior

The high-tech style is very fashionable, bioclean, spacious and rather functional. That is why all the newest technologies and materials can be applied to this sphere. The most used colors of this style so-called “signs” are black and white being more precise the combination of black and white. The finish of furniture is to be laminated and blinds are to be made from taffeta. The furniture and equipment are in pure modern and relevant to new technologies style. Special attention requires the way of lighting. It is recommended to decorate and mark out special pieces of your room by means of halogen lamps. Cold atmosphere and lack of inner comfort are balanced with traditionality of design. The essential attention is to be concentrated on the kitchen in such modern designed home. This place should be completely computer-assisted and equipped with necessary gadgets which will assist fast food preparation. The arctic colors are dominant in the kitchen with prevalence of grey and white colors.

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