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Place your TV in a chic cupboard

Hi, dear reader! I’m continuing my stories about the ways of concealing TVs and TV stands in your home! Please don’t think that I’m speaking in riddles! I’m just trying to show you that there are many ways to make your room interior neat and well-organized with the help of correctly selected furniture! This time we are going to talk about the astonishing facilities of cupboards where TV stands find shelter! Look at the picture above! Don’t you find this way of hiding a TV funny and creative?! In my point of view this is one of the most amusing and nice method of placing a TV! The whole interior looks pretty and smart enough with the spirit of classic and old-fashioned cupboard reminding us our sweat childhood!

What do you think of this unusual TV stand?!

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How to integrate a TV into your living room

Hi, dear reader! Will you agree with me, that today we need smarter ideas in order to create the interior of our home? High technologies change the way of our life as easy as the Sun rises every morning! The appearance and design of our living areas also change becoming more functional, creative and smarter. If your home interior features modern and smart look you wouldn’t like to worsen the appearance of it with a big TV stand, right? My today’s post is going to reveal how to perfectly integrate a TV stand into your home interior! One of the ways, which I decided to be the most creative and original – is to set a screen into a plasterboard wall and then the panel can be brought across from a pocket slot in the adjacent wall. The sliding screen is treated like another wall. You can also to hang an artwork on the wall and then the illusion will look realistic. This idea is presented by Hugo Tugman from Architect Your Home. You can see the project at the picture above. Doesn’t it look nice and extraordinary?

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TV stands as the décor element

Today the progress in high technology has achieved so high levels that we need to adapt our way of life to it. This also refers to home interior which changes as time and progress passes. Earlier we couldn’t even imagine TV’s without armoires and special stands which resembled heavy cumbersome boxes sometimes not matching the whole interior atmosphere! Now designers and producers are in strong competition which in turn creates progress in furniture production! Just one look at one of the internet-shop’s sites and you will get real evidence of this infinite race! As a result we have wonderful and extraordinary TV stands designed along the latest style requirements and furnished with various functional options! For example you can look at the pictures provided! Looking at them I’m much more convinced of that the simplicity is the genuine source of superiority and progress! My thoughts may seem somewhat inconsistent with common logics but that is not true! I see that TV stands today wear unique and extraordinary shapes! And this really wins over us and many people are glad to self-express them by means of unusual furniture designs like these two TV stands elegantly and accurately emphasizing the fine style of kitchen and living room! What my dear reader do think over these odd designs of  TV stands!?

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The first immersion into the world of sound

Today we will discuss some questions concerning acoustic systems in your home and their influence on your life! To these questions the whole article or may be the ensuing articles will be about! The quality of sound which will be produced by your acoustic system will depend on components of the whole acoustic set. This article will help beginners and probably you to understand what are a typical acoustic system and what components it is composed of. The systems of home theatres are becoming more popular today because more and more people want to have a system of surrounding sound in their home. And from great variety of devices which are offered by a market today we need to choose something and of course this “something” should be the proper choice with great quality and optimal price in order we could enjoy our acquisition long time. However exactly on this step many of us do many mistakes in their choice because few of us know special characteristics of different models. So let us begin from the very beginning!

For the full-fledged operation of all elements of your home theatre four main components are used usually: speakers for frontal channels, for rear channels, the acoustics of central channel and sub buffer. For the dubbing of frontal stereo channels in home theatres an ordinary stereo pairs which is usually included into any Hi-Fi system is used. Nothing new was created in this sphere. The stereo acoustics has been serving for long period of time for dubbing of films in Dolby Surround Stereo sound format. It simultaneously reproduces music recordings. Such kind of versatility was conditioned by the technics’ high cost when not everyone amateur of good sound could afford to buy himself two pairs of speakers.  The function of frontal acoustics can make shelf models of speakers, but in this case there will not be enough sound and for this reason you can use sub buffer in order to enhance the sound. With the Dolby Pro Logic format appearance the stereo pairs had acquired acoustics for dubbing of central channel. Before this time effect-monitors have been used in big cinema theatres. On their basis “domesticated” speakers have been created. That time their diapason of reproduced sound frequencies was deliberately limited because of specific peculiarities of the Dolby Pro logic format.  With emergence of digital technologies in sound recording (in particular DVD discs) the situation has changed. The requirements to the central channel became stricter as to frontal channels. However numerous of companies are convinced that central speaker the most works on dialogues and exactly for this reason the one of the main requirement to central speaker is clearness in middle  frequencies transmission which means the credibility of actors’ voices reproduction. According to shape the central speaker is different from other acoustic system elements. It is often a horizontal positioned box with two dynamics. The principle of sound waves diffusion of such kind of acoustics consists in even and nondirectional emission of frequencies in horizontal flatness.

The article is to be continued in the next release of fresh and new articles…

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Home automation

The automation system allows you to remove leaks by stopping up cold and warm water supply.  The signals to valves which block the water supply are transmitted through sensors on the floor. You can no longer be anxious about open tap in bathroom. However remember that water is the most valuable source on Earth and we should use natural resources sparingly. You can no longer remind your family members about evening watering of lawn. You can automate this process having set the time and duration of watering of every zone. And if the rain passes or the temperature is lower than needed the system will know that the watering is not needed. With automation system you can manage almost every process and control it. For example, having pushed the button “I’m at home” the system opens/closes garage, picks up venetian blinds and shutter at home, takes off your home from alarm system mode. You can easily control all commands through wall control panel, personal computer and even with the help of remote control, like SMS message. Thus having been outside your home you can send a message about sauna heating. The system allows control ozonization, floor heating in places of rest, ventilation, waterfalls, hills, underwater searchlight in accordance with set scenarios in pools. If you have aged parents and you worry about when leaving them alone at home then you can use radio control key ring or trinket. The principle of this trinket is in following functions: when extraordinary situation happens, one push to the button of this trinket will make dialing from the stationary home telephone to the emergency or other special services, on your mobile and telephone numbers of other near relatives. A telephone answering machine will leave a message for the employees of emergency service (the age of injured person, address, and if necessary the code of lock). You can also provide your under aged children with such kind of trinket.

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The light control

The movie begins when the light is dying out in a hall. That is what we remember from childhood. Your home theatre with all its components, such as entertainment unit (wall unit), home theatre seating, and other special furniture can move you to the Past and the light control will help you in it. The light will begin gradually disappear when you give the command to start watching a film. When the films is over or you want to break off it’s watching the light will turn on again. All what will be required from you in this case is only to choose the smoothness of light damping and the quantity of operated lamps in each case. However the light control is not need only in places where a home theatre is, it is needed also all over the home because your life will become more interesting and comfort with such kind of opportunity to control the light. Such kinds of systems do not only economize time and funds but also they are to entertain you. The system will illuminate the way to kitchen or bathroom at night and will demonstrate the light show to your guests during a party. Having adjusted the light control in accordance with all basic arrangements you can reprogram the equipment to the necessary mode in a month or two with help of specialists.

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High-Tech in your home interior

The high-tech style is very fashionable, bioclean, spacious and rather functional. That is why all the newest technologies and materials can be applied to this sphere. The most used colors of this style so-called “signs” are black and white being more precise the combination of black and white. The finish of furniture is to be laminated and blinds are to be made from taffeta. The furniture and equipment are in pure modern and relevant to new technologies style. Special attention requires the way of lighting. It is recommended to decorate and mark out special pieces of your room by means of halogen lamps. Cold atmosphere and lack of inner comfort are balanced with traditionality of design. The essential attention is to be concentrated on the kitchen in such modern designed home. This place should be completely computer-assisted and equipped with necessary gadgets which will assist fast food preparation. The arctic colors are dominant in the kitchen with prevalence of grey and white colors.

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