Question of long history

As long as the humankind exists so long it changes the world in order to live in more comfortable conditions. Looking through the whole history of the world we can conclude that the sense of life – the possibility to live in better conditions. According to this it is very interesting to observe the evolution of things in domestic use, especially of furniture. It seems that all had commenced since the cave-man had begun to use the boulder as a chair while sitting in front of the fire! May be it was the first chair, and then there was the first table, the first wardrobe etc. In thousands of years the furniture had changed ultimately. As had changed the materials used in production so as had changed the construction. However it is very surprising fact that only by the end of XX century it had been manufactured from such materials as plastic and glass! Before the time mentioned in particular it was made from wood. It is OK with plastic because it was created only at the end of last century, but what about the glass? Mankind has been producing it since long ago! Marvelous art compositions had been made from glass, not only bottles and cups! Possibly, it depends on our logics, our sensation of world and our world-outlook! We have wished to have the furniture be fabulously fantastic, easy and transparent! This is what we get from having glass furniture. It is amazing material! It at once attracts our attention like a sparkling diamond in deep darkness. Refracting the light ray and reflecting it at once, glass furniture fills with air any interior.  Coffee table, TV stand or computer desk no matter what kind of furniture the glass wares perfectly fits it, moreover it adds sound style and visually expands the surrounding area!

Glass furniture features:

Glass furniture has exquisite design and becomes the core of interior at once! Glass –ecologically clear and safe material, making furniture units more elegant and easy like and air! Today it takes strong positions in any home area!  Due to its quality, the glass can successfully compete with other materials in production of TV stands’ shelves, tables and chairs! The glass is very noble and precious material.  It features special capabilities of making even simple shapes and lines very graceful and rich-looking! We are absorbed by the world of infinite space. At the same time glass furniture is quite durable to hold loadings up to 220.5 lb. Up to present time the glass was only complementary material, but now it can be used as a main construction material while producing furniture elements!