Good garden furniture is the guarantee of excellent holiday!

Silence…Only the bird’s song is heard somewhere and the grasshopper is chirring in herbage. It smells of grass and of flowers, the breeze brings its fresh coolness…Urban noise is somewhere behind the fence of your acres. Here you are feeling quietness and pacification in your soul. Here you are able to make only right decisions without any emotions in mind! It is the best known to you the feeling of happiness while having rest in your own garden among eternal natural miracles! That is why while furnishing cottage it is very important to devote close attention not only to indoor interior but also to outdoor beautification.

Garden furniture will help you to have good holiday under the surface of ever blue sky while being in summerhouse or in dais. It will add exquisite design and will create wonderful mood. Thus the garden furniture is true attribute of good rest but in case it has been chosen correctly. In other case you will have some troubles with it. Today there are many specialists which will help you to choose garden furniture out of millions of possible versions! There are many kinds of different garden furniture items which are used in open-air or in pavilions and terraces. So there are enhanced requirements while choosing garden furniture: it must be not only very beautiful but also very comfortable and climate steadfast. Broiling sun rays or high humidity after rain and mist, hot summer air and evening coolness can damage the garden furniture if it is not of high quality.  If you are going to move your furniture items too much it should be also very light and easy movable. And of course your garden furniture should perfectly match the whole picture of your garden, pavilion and terrace. It should add some exquisite and accent special flavor and individuality. Very significant role is belonged to the material from which it is produced! The selection of material is also crucial factor because there is  apparent consistency of material with price and quality. The higher the price is the better the quality of material. So you should not economize while buying garden furniture. You should not save money on acquiring holiday furniture because in this case you will fail to have good rest!

Today many people acquire garden furniture, so there are different consumer groups. That is why the material from which the furniture is made varies greatly. It can be manufactured from simple plastic or from exclusive wood materials decorated with natural minerals and marble. Although the plastic furniture is easy movable and cheap it looses its previous positions because of its fragility and lack of aesthetic parameters.

Laced splendor of wicker garden furniture items has not left anybody with indifference! Wicker outdoor furniture is very light and elegant. It perfectly creates imagination of fairy tale stories! As a material there can be utilized stems of rattan, willow withes, bamboo and even sea algae which are made by weaving on wood or metal frame and fastened by pins or strips of leather. The distinctive feature of wicker garden furniture is that it can sustain increased humidity in air without detriment to its wickerwork. The broiling sun rays can easily break the rattan furniture. It is also worth to know that cold temperature can not be endured by wicker furniture. But you should not think that there are so many disadvantages because there are as well advantages of using wicker garden furniture! And the firs one is that it can be easy moved to any place of your garden, because it is very light. The second is that it completely blown by wind in summer, so you always can breathe in fresh air.

The wood furniture is in great demand of consumers today. And there are reasonable explanations to this. Firstly, the wood is very durable and of high quality material. Secondly, the wood was used in ancient times and till now it proves its merits. The wood is ecologically clean material. However the longevity of wood furniture depends on conditions of its exploitation. In order to increase the durability of wood furniture it is processed by manufactures. Then it covered with special defensive coatings which also give it various color tints.  But must not be forgotten that the wood furniture requires special keeping, thus you should not left your furniture drenched by rain or snow. It considerably shortens the operation life. It is better to save the wood furniture in dry place in winter months preliminarily having cleaned it up. In order to keep your wood furniture beautiful and new you can use special oil for wood surface. These simple steps are not too difficult to follow them so it is up to you whether you will have furniture in good condition or not.

The last tendency is observed in manufacturing garden wood furniture. This is the combination of woof veneer and metallic elements. Such kind of furniture is very stylish and it is ideally looked in beautiful parks and gardens, but it is heavier than simple wood furniture.  What you will choose will be completely depend on your taste.